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Escape with us!

VETSCAPES™ is an Escape Room experience customized to veterinary experiences, challenges, clients, patients, and products and services. VETSCAPES™ adds relevancy to the veterinary community — a key ingredient to increase knowledge retention and application.

Custom Designed Experiences



Escape rooms


Puzzle walls


Puzzle boxes


Curiosity attractions

Online escape challenges


Choose your own adventures


Puzzle & clue challenges


QR-code discovery experiences

How can you partner with VETSCAPES?

VETSCAPES is about innovation in learning. When key learning is also the culmination of solving a self-led puzzle, the learner feels like they had a hand in creating the answer. The insight has more in common with a personal revelation than conventional learning. VETSCAPES also takes product detailing to a whole new level. By incorporating a key product message into solving a hands-on puzzle, the message becomes more than just information—it grows to a self-guided group discovery that is fresh, fun and highly memorable.

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