Think Partners works with you to create innovative educational solutions.


We have years of experience developing unique and effective content for the veterinary community.  


Think Partners is an established interactive digital media company with unparalleled creative ideas, strong technical capabilities and brilliant service. We bring our passion, knowledge and experience for creating unique, engaging and effective solutions. We have in-depth experience building lunch and learn applications, event presentations, games, simulations, sales training, e-learning, medical animations and illustrations. 


We differentiate ourselves by integrating emotion, gamification and experiences into our solutions to enhance the learning and influence behaviour.

2D Animation of dog with a frisbee

2D Animations

We believe in the power of telling stories and explaining processes using 2D animation techniques.

Illustration of cat head

Lunch & Learns

We create custom e-Detailers and Power Point presentations for more effective & engaging experiences. 

Mobile App graphic

Product Tools

We can help your sales team highlight key products and messages using our custom digital tools.

Pixlated dog graphic

We believe that learning is enhanced when its gamified. It’s fun and engaging.

Mosquito graphic

Let us produce e-learning platforms and courses to give veterinary teams a fun and effective way to learn online!

3D Animation
3D Animations

We consider 3D animations an excellent way to showcase unique and innovative technologies.



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